Your Booking Details & Prep


263 Adelaide St. West, Suite 406

Buzz 4118 and building door will auto unlock.

If you are driving:

I suggest parking at "Parkway" an Underground Parking Lot next to Scotiabank Cineplex Theatre.


Custom Soulshots

Relaxed 2-3 hour session

Unlimited wardrobe changes (plan 5 options)

Gallery of all useable shots

1 Detailed Edit + 5 Light Edits

Arrive with:

your pre-planned, favourite outfits and with your Hair & Makeup / Grooming complete. Be sure to bring Hair & Makeup tools for touching up :)

Need help with wardrobe? "Click here for Wardrobe Tips".

MAKEUP IS A MUST - *Click here for Hair & Makeup Tips*


I highly recommend learning well in advance OR hiring one of our hand-selected MUA's to come to your session (email me to book).

Hot Tip: Sephora offers one on one, how to do a full face coverage, and then you can buy the products used on you. Check it out here.


Utmost important items to bring. If you don’t own these items, please invest in them.


✔️ Translucent powder (face)

✔️ Concealer (under the eyes, red spots)

✔️ Lip balm (smooth lips)

✔️ Hairspray/product (flyaways)

✔️ comb (for those darn flaw aways again)

Females cont’d:

✔️ hair curler & straightener (to tweak hair)

✔️ a variety of lipstick / lip colours

✔️ blush / cheek pigment (for definition of face)

✔️ bronzer

Males cont’d:

✔️ Powder foundation (to even out skin)

✔️If you’re shaving bring everything you need, including:

✔️ Your own face towel

✔️ Face moisturizer


Photographers charge for sessions based on “End Use”. This shoot and edit prices enable the client/actor/artist to use the shots for self promotion and personal use only (examples: Instagram, website, LinkedIn, prints for auditioning, business cards, or a look-book). ALL OTHER RIGHTS MUST BE NEGOTIATED (examples of such but not limited to photographs being used on/in merchandise, book/novel, poster, film/tv, magazine spread, commercial use, for sale).


Additional Edits, if you wish!

Detailed Edits:


Light Edits:

1 = $15

7 = $75

10 = $85

15 = $100

25 = $125

A Message From Jaclyn

I am so excited to work with you! On the day of our shoot, you will share with me your story and what's most important to you for your shoot. I will guide your session so that it serves you in all the best the ways possible. Please TRUST yourself...and me! With my 8+ years of experience doing this, in addition to being a total empath, this shoot won't be lacking in heart- you are in good company and care. We got this :)

Looking forward to connecting further with you,