1. Hydrate - drink lots of water, especially the day before your shoot.
  2. Exfoliate your skin 1-2 nights before your shoot and a week prior - this will remove dead skin, revitalize your skin, and allow your moisturizer to be better absorbed, bringing out that natural glow of your skin (especially in the winter). If you have sensitive skin, do not over exfoliate - may cause irritation...listen to your body.
  3. Moisturize your skin every day, morning and night, but especially the night before and in the morning before you apply your makeup.
  4. Apply a lip balm to keep lips hydrated and plump before bed, the morning of, and before you apply any makeup.
  5. Do NOT change your facial routine by trying out new products - this is not the time. You don't know how your skin may react to that "new Vitamin A cream"!
  6. If you do not have a facial routine, please get one. Your skin will thank you. Please contact me and I can put you in touch with skincare experts to start you off on the right foot - like Sarah @the_good_glow or Toru @facesbytoru.

WHY? Why do I need to do this?" you ask... Well, oh lordy so many reasons! But with headshots it's important to have your skin moisturized and free of dry skin flakes as much as possible for makeup application.


It is very important to put thought into your hair and makeup- no one should be coming to a photoshoot with bare skin! The harshness of lights flatten our face, brings out shine, and can exaggerate "flaws".

If you want to go for the natural look, go for it! But apply the "no makeup, makeup look."

Here is a list of makeup essentials for a Headshot session:

  1. Anti -shine / Translucent powder- vital to remove facial shine when under the lights.
  2. Concealer - apply to uneven redness or skin discolouration, pimples, under eye circles.
  3. Blush - concealer can make you appear flat- we need to add pigment back in to the places we want it; we add blush to where the sun would kiss us- on you cheeks mostly, sometimes a tad on the nose, and around the hairline if you want to get fancy.
  4. Brows- add filler with a pencil, powder, or brow-brush gel to help shape and naturally enhance them. Don't know how? Youtube is your best friend here.
  5. Lip balm and lip colours are must haves! Lip colours close to your natural lip colour but with a bit more pop are fantastic; a variety of colours are good for matching to different top colours.
  6. Eyeshadow is optional, you may bring it and add on half way through for a more enhanced look.

It is essential to do your homework. PRACTICE and take selfies to see how your makeup reads on camera - this will help you see how much makeup you need to apply. It's more than you think.

Don't forget to bring all your hair tools and makeup products to your shoot for touchups.

If you aren't good at makeup, then please reach out to me...I have a fabulous list of hand selected Makeup Artists that I work with.


Hair is so personal - but it is important to style it and tweak it so that it looks intensional and fabulous.

Hair tools to bring to your shoot:

  1. Curling & flat iron (even if you want it natural, we may need to finesse it)
  2. Hair spray or product (for flyaways)
  3. Wig (if you like)
  4. Brush


Here is a great example of basic coverage needed for professional Headshots, done by Makeup Artist "Faces by Toru".

It is up to you whether you'd like to do your own makeup or hire a MUA!

If you love doing your own makeup, I recommend doing your own!

If you are like, "what's concealer?" then highly recommend to hire one of our main MUA's for your session!

See photograph below to see how awesome the right coverage of makeup reads!