How do you want to represent yourself with your next Headshots? Take the time to figure out who you are as an individual and within your industry.

Wardrobe plays a huge part in one of the ways we express ourselves - think about how to visually achieve what you want to embody.

Here are some key tips on wardrobe:

  1. Pull out all of your clothes from your closet; now that you can see everything, start trying things on! Begin to narrow down your options by taking into account three things: A) What do YOU love, B) What do YOU feel amazing in, C) What are you trying to express with this choice of clothing?
  2. Take selfies of your favourite options to make sure they on conveying what you desire. and don't forget to make sure you feel AWESOME in the clothing you are choosing. That's always number one!
  3. Do NOT bring the same three black tops. If you want versatility in your headshots, you must bring that in your wardrobe.
  4. Bottoms will show! Bring a few options. (Don't have to worry about shoes.)
  5. Have fun with it! Bring things you love to wear- comfortable, formal, badass, cute, casual, fun...
  6. Pick colours, shapes, and fabrics you love on your body. Fitted clothes are preferable; however, don’t let this limit you. You know your body best!
  7. You may need to purchase new wardrobe pieces to give you that variety you are looking to achieve in your session, so give yourself time to plan ahead.