Stepping In Front Of The Lens

An introduction to Jaclyn Vogl Photography

and what it means to step in front of the camera.

I am here to guide the session by creating a

space for you to play and celebrate yourself!

Please watch this 2 minute video on

what it means to step in front of the lens.

Wardrobe Prep For Headshots

You must become your own Wardrobe Stylist when it comes to choosing outfits for your headshots. 

Define how you want to represent yourself, take the time to figure out a variety of looks, and achieve your goals with the clothing items you bring to your next session.

Hair & Makeup

Not sure how to do your hair and makeup for your next portraits or headshots session? I share with you my Pro Tips on Hair and Makeup for photography. How to PREP your skin and perfect your makeup for your next photoshoot. For all ages and genders!