Getting your Headshots taken and not sure what steps to take or traumatized by The Ghosts of Headshot's Past? You are not alone.

I have put together a list of the "5 most important things" you can do to prepare yourself for your next session!

  1. Gather Inspo Photos of portraits you love! Take in their essence - pay attention to wardrobe, hair & makeup, body language, composition.
  2. Have fun with your wardrobe choices. Select a variety of different look, try on your outfits, and take selfies! Selfies are a great way to see how your wardrobe selections read on camera. Go to "Wardrobe Prep for Headshots," for further details on wardrobe.
  3. Hair and Makeup: Everyone needs it! Decide if you are hiring a MUA or doing your own hair and makeup. If doing your own, practice the application and take selfies to see what you like best in front of the camera. Coming with no hair/makeup is NOT an option for Headshots, yes even for men! Go to "Hair and Makeup Prep," for further details.
  4. Watch models pose. This sounds weird, but it really helped me learn - there is a bit of a rhythm! Watch some America's Next Top Model or Youtube some modelling shoots. See how they play with their body, fabrics, and lighting. Notice their flow and their energy.
  5. Trust yourself! On the day of the shoot, throw it all away- have fun, celebrate yourself, shine bright and ignore all those voices in your head telling you what to do ;) You got this! And I'm here to help!