Beard 101 for Headshots

Headshots with a beard or facial hair:

It is a personal choice whether to have facial hair or be clean shaven for a shoot. If you have having trouble deciding, I'd suggest going with what you feel will serve you the best at this point in time and which is most authentic to you.

Groom! Groom your beards / facial hair on the day of your shoot; create clean lines - this means freshly shaped, clean up your neck and cheeks. If it's long, bring your beard brush and beard oil.

If your session time allows for it and you are shaving half way through the shoot, bring all your supplies for shaving, as well as everything you'll need after such as moisturizer and makeup to touch up redness and raw skin.

It is highly recommended to hire a Makeup Artist, especially for those shaving half way - as the redness after shaving can really use a professional's touch to correct. Ask for my MUA Colab List.